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Why Gold Medal Inspections?


• We Respect your Quest: Gold Medal Inspections is much more than just another inspection company. We know the real estate industry, its good and bad points, and how stressful it can be for both buyers and sellers, whether moving to another area or having a change in their lives. We treat each client, and the subject home or building, with respect.

• Qualified Professionals: At Gold Medal Inspections, our inspectors are some of the most highly trained and experienced inspectors in the State of Texas. With hundreds of inspections performed locally and decades of real estate background including: home construction, home maintenance and repair, real estate investing, rental properties, real estate sales; and, of course, building and home inspections, their background and knowledge is deep.

Prompt, dependable service, flexible scheduling: We accommodate your availability.  If, perchance, our Voice Mail answers, your call message will normally be received by an inspector within thirty minutes and your call returned.  We can usually perform RUSH Inspections as well as weekend inspections (including Sunday). We’re alert 24/7 and we have several inspectors giving us flexibility.

• Agent Freedom: Our inspectors have Supra Keys, making it unnecessary for a realtor to let the inspector in the house.

• Quick Reports: We use all the latest computer and internet equipment to get your report out as fast as possible. Gold Medal Inspections produces comprehensive computerized reports complete with color digital pictures within 24 hours. We write our reports for YOU, not for other inspectors, builders or contractors, in language you can understand. Reports are either emailed or sent via regular mail, or both.


Professional Equipment: At Gold Medal Inspections, we carry the latest high tech equipment for checking your house systems.


High Standards: At Gold Medal Inspections, our inspectors uphold the highest standards in the industry. They were selected based on their attitude, knowledge, education, friendly disposition, integrity and reliability.


For now and the future: Our clients can rely on us to answer their questions before, during and after the inspection. We will always be available to answer your questions-now, and in the future.


                        The end of our inspection is not the end of our commitment.

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