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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the home inspection take?


In order to have time to do a proper inspection, Our rule of thumb is to expect the home inspection to last about one hour for every 1,000 square feet of house space. The actual time required may vary depending on the number of problems or concerns the inspector finds,and/or various other factors. Since Gold Medal Inspections gives you a free walk through and brief after the     inspection, you should expect to add the time it takes to explain our findings to you and answer any questions you may have.This usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes. For example, a 2000 square foot house would normally between 2.5 and 3.0 hours total time.

How much does it cost?


Costs vary among home inspection companies. Most inspectors will attempt to determine the time they think it will take to inspect the house and write the report. The total cost varies with the time it takes for the inspection. And this time will vary depending on the square footage, age of the house, location,  type of foundation, and various other factors. If a house has a “Pier and Beam” type foundation (which requires an inspector to crawl under the house for part of the inspection), you can expect to pay a surcharge, depending on the size and age of the house and the difficulty involved. Sometimes the space under the house is too small for an inspector to safely crawl underneath. A lawn "Sprinkler System" is also an optional system to which additional charges may apply. We do not normally charge for houses with lawn sizes of 1/4 acre or less (11,000 square feet) Above this, a surcharge may apply, depending on the time we expect it will take to check the system.  A "Swimming Pool" will also incur an additional fee depending on the size complexity, age, and condition of the subject pool. We have several Certified Pool Inspectors on staff (certified by the National Swimming Pool Federation, NSPF)

Call us for your inspection cost quote 281-367-3111

Do I need to be present for the inspection?


No. Gold Medal Inspections can make all the arrangements and conduct the inspection without your presence. However, it’s always preferable to have the client present at the end of the inspection for a walk-through and discussion of our findings.

Can you do an inspection for me even if I live out of town?


 Yes. See the above question and answer. We send all of our inspection reports via email attachment, fax, or regular mail (as you request-Note: there is an extra charge for this service). We accept cash, check or several credit cards making payment as easy as possible whether you live in the Houston area or elsewhere. We can give you an explanation of our findings via telephone. We do inspections for out of town buyers quite often and have solutions for those problems unique to the buyer’s (or sellers’s) absence.

If I can't be there for the inspection, can I still get a review with the Inspector?


Yes, absolutely. If you can’t be at the inspection for any reason, you can still get an inspection review by phone with the inspector who did the inspection.

Can you check for termites?


Yes and No, We always look for anything that can damage or destroy the inspected home, or cause harm to people. However, the State of Texas requires that only a licensed termite (Pest Control) inspector can perform a termite inspection and produce a written report. In order to obtain a termite inspector's license, candidates must usually be connected with a commercial termite control      business for a long period in order to qualify and stay qualified. We wish to stay unbiased in our findings and have elected to not obtain a termite, pest or mold inspectors license at this time. 

Should we find any evidence that we believe is conducive to, or points to the possible presence of insects, animals or biological activity, we will recommend that you obtain an inspection from the appropriately licensed inspector. You can call any licensed pest control company you wish. Or, we    can refer you to several termite inspectors. They are well qualified, charge competitive fees and have a good reputation. We receive no payback for these referrals.

Are you able to inspect pools?


Yes. But, because of the additional time it takes to accomplish and the special training required to be a Certified Pool Inspector, it is an optional inspection and commands an additional fee. These fees vary depending on the size complexity, age, and condition of the subject pool. We do not do pool repairs and remain independent from companies who do, so as to give you and unbiased opinion on your pool condition.

        Note: Be careful! Some inspectors are not qualified as "Pool Inspectors", but only as "Pool Operators" by the NSPF (National Swimming Pool Federation). A Pool "Operator" does not qualify one as an inspector, only as an operator, as the name would imply. There is a difference.

Do you do Phase or Construction Inspections?


 Yes. We usually inspect new houses in three phases: Foundation (prior to pouring concrete); Framing-Pre Drywall, plumbing, and electric (prior to the addition of dry wall-sheetrock), and then the Final inspection where we check everything working together (when everything is        complete-electric, plumbing, appliances and all mechanical devices hooked up, utilities on and working). 

Why doesn't everyone get this phase type inspection to be sure their house is built correctly?


The short answer is that these inspections take a lot of time and planning and are therefore more expensive than the standard final inspection.

The long answer is We try to coordinate these inspections with the builder, who may, or may not, be cooperative. We try to see the plans so we can compare what is supposed to be, and what actually is, on site. It is sometimes challenging to coordinate our inspections with the changing situation with the builder’s time schedule. The builder is relying on his subcontractors and material suppliers to deliver “on time-as promised”. We, in turn are reliant on the builder for our scheduled inspections and to make sure our inspectors are available when needed. This can make for a fluid situation        and can be tedious for all concerned. However, it is the only way you can be sure your new house is being built correctly and to give the builder an added incentive to do it right.

Please email or call us with any other questions you might have.

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