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Well - General Information


Having a basic understanding about ground water quality will help ensure that your well is supplying potable water for your household. Along with human activities, water quality is affected by a combination of natural processes. Most relate to chemical compositions underground. However, other factors such as biological, physical, and radiological conditions can affect water quality as well.

The National Ground Water Association recommends that water well owners have their wells checked and tested by a certified and/or licensed contractor every year to ensure water safety.

Very few regulations exist to govern the quality of private well water supplies. Typically,well water is required to be evaluated for microbiological contamination only when the well is installed. Some health departments have begun requiring microbiological testing when the property changes ownership as well. During routine operation, however, it is up to the well owner to monitor and ensure the quality of their well water supply.

The above paraphrased (or quoted where indicated) information was taken from the U.S. Government EPA and CDC websites concerning Well Systems. You can find a wealth of information there as well as web links to other informational resources. We are not “experts” on Well Systems and are providing what we believe is accurate information from reliable resources. However, we cannot guarantee (nor be held liable) that this information is true or up to date, nor that the resources upon which we relied are knowledgeable or accurate. 
The information here was found on the following web sites. If you would like more detailed information about wells/water please visit the links listed below:

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