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Maintenance Inspection


Why a Maintenance Home Inspection? Can you really afford to have a home that's unsafe for you and your family? And, when you catch the early stages of a problem by having your home checked out and repaired before the damaged or unsafe conditions worsen, you will save more money than you can imagine. Problems with your house always get worse and more costly to repair when they are left to continue. Houses require periodic maintenance, that's REALITY!! You can pay a little to repair now, or a lot later on. Plus, there are many dangerous items and / or conditions in a house that also need periodic replacement, repair or testing: carbon monoxide leaks, gas leaks, smoke alarms, water heater pressure and relief valves, air conditioning condensate water overflow, electrical items, appliances. Why risk it???


And, we don't forget to look for energy waste items like: air infiltration, loose ducting (which heats or cools your attic costing you double energy bills), unprotected exterior wall penetrations, loss of insulation, window security and seals.


Our experienced, fully trained and licensed inspectors not only know what issues to look for and can advise you on important maintenance and care items that will help you maintain your home for years to come. Moreover, this will give you a "honey do" list without all the guessing and uncertainty that goes into most home improvement projects.


Reasons to have a Maintenance Home Inspection:


• Find those small problems before they become big and costly problems.

• Find those unsafe items that are just waiting to cause danger.

• Have a detailed and comprehensive report detailing the current condition of your 
• Save money! By doing minor repairs now, it will save you from the big repair in the 
• No surprises when you sell. When you do sell your home in the future there won't       be any unexpected surprises. 
• Find the problems in areas of your home that you are unable or unwilling to                 examine on your own.


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